<p>With superior quality and excellent value, the BOTT Verso range is strong, durable and fit for purpose. This modular range can be modified and adapted to meet ongoing business needs as companies grow.</p>

Verso Drawer Cabinets

<p>BOTT Verso drawer cabinets offer affordable quality, advanced functionality and ergonomic design.</p>

Verso Workbenches

<p>Productivity and efficiency in the workplace is a key concern for all businesses. Flexible and versatile, the BOTT Verso workbenches are designed to meet most business needs.</p>

Verso Mobile Cabinets

<p>Bott Verso mobile storage cabinets offer the same advanced features of the static cabinet range with the addition of castor for smooth mobility.</p>

Verso Cupboards

<p>Adequate storage space in the workplace is essential for operational efficiency. All Bott cupboards feature a heavy duty construction, with a range of configurations available to suit a vast array of storage requirements. The Verso cupboard range has been developed to cater to evolving business needs as processes, tools and materials become more complex.</p>