Framework Benches

<p>BOTT Cubio Framework Benches provide extremely durable workstations suitable for a variety of workplaces. They can be customised with suspended cabinets for extra storage and used alongside framework workstands to create multi-functional work areas.</p>

Framework Benches

<p>Framework benches offer the durability and flexibility required by today&#39;s modern workplace environments. <br></p>

Framework Workstands

<p>The BOTT Cubio workstands are heavy duty space saving workbenches designed to fit into small spaces within even the toughest workplace environments.</p> <p>Static and mobile workstands available.</p>

Suspended Cabinets

<p>Suspended cabinets make the most of available work space by providing extra storage within BOTT Cubio framework benches.</p> <p>Ideal for keeping tools, small parts and components neat and tidy in a variety of workplace environments including garages, workshops and warehouses.</p>