Cubio Workbenches

<p>Dynamic and durable, the BOTT Cubio benches offer exceptional storage efficiency and all-round functionality.</p>

Framework Benches

<p>BOTT Cubio Framework benches provide extremely durable workstations suitable for a variety of workplaces that can be customised to requirements with suspended cabinets for extra storage and used alongside framework workstands to create multi-functional work areas.<br></p>

Pedestal Benches

<p>BOTT Cubio Pedestal benches combine flexibility with durability to create a superior storage space for a variety of workplace environments.</p>

Storage Benches

<p>Storage benches are the perfect solution when space is scarce. The bott cubio range of storage benches have been designed to combine durable workspaces with efficient storage to maximise space in the workplace.</p>

Mobile Storage Benches

<p>Mobile storage workbenches offer flexibility and easy mobility throughout the workplace. The BOTT Cubio mobile storage benches include all of the features of the standard Cubio storage benches but with added high quality rubber-tyred castors to for mobility.</p>

Stepless Height Adjustable Benches

Stepless height adjustable benches can rapidly be adjusted to perfect working height giving you extra flexibility in the workplace. The hydraulic lift mechanism can be controlled with a manual hand crank or electronic activation. <div><br></div>

Bench Accessories

<p>BOTT Cubio workbenches can be adapted and expanded using a range of bench accessories.</p>

Bench Components

<p>BOTT bench components and worktops enable BOTT workbenches to be customised to suit the individual requirements of a variety workplace environments.</p>

Bench Rear Frame System and Accessories

<p>The BOTT Bench Rear Frame System for Cubio Workbenches is designed to maximise work efficiency and comfort in production and assembly lines and workshops. <br></p><p>Modular and flexible accessories allow seamless future expansion or adjustment and can be tailored to fit workplace requirements.</p>