<p>Keeping the workplace clean and tidy is essential for workplace productivity. The BOTT facilities storage range has been developed to help business control and manage these essential daily tasks.</p>

PPE & Janitorial Cupboards

<p>Specialised version of the BOTT kitted cupboard range, the BOTT PPE &amp; Janitorial cupboards are perfect for storing cleaning equipment and supplies, protective clothing and non-hazardous solutions.</p>

Computer Cupboards

<p>BOTT computer cupboards provide secure and robust storage for computing equipment in the workplace.</p>


<p>BOTT lecterns are ideal for workplaces requiring both storage and a stationary workstations for document and quality control environments. </p>

Information Boards

<p>BOTT information boards are designed to attract attention and act as a central source of information. </p> <p>Made from a high quality steel construction, these information boards allow information to be secured using magnetic holders.<br></p>

Hazardous Storage

<p>BOTT hazardous substance cupboards are designed to comply with HSE guidelines and codes of practice for providing suitable storage facilities in the workplace for hazardous substances and materials.</p>

Cleaning & Recycling Stations

<p>BOTT cleaning and recycling stations encourage and promote efficient waste management throughout the workplace.</p>