Cubio Rear Frame System Short Uprights for Cubio Storage Benches

Cubio Rear Frame System Short Uprights for Cubio Storage Benches

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BOTT Rear Frame System Short Uprights for cubio storage benches can be used to build lower height rear sections of the Bench Rear Framework System, which can then be accessorised to add extra storage and functionality to the workbench.

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The BOTT Rear Framework System Short Uprights for Cubio Storage Benches can be mounted directly to any cubio storage bench worktop and customised with a range of accessories to create a lower height rear framework system that offers extra storage and functionality to cubio storage workbenches.

  • Can be used to create an ergonomic and customised workstation
  • Choose from Twin and Triple Short Upright Sets to suit:
    • 1500mm Cubio Storage Benches
    • 2000mm Cubio Storage Benches
  • Twin short upright set builds a single rear section of the system
  • Triple short upright set builds two rear sections of the system
  • Upright height: 1037mm
  • Length of upright above worktop: 677mm
  • Additional short upright available to further divide the sections
  • Rear sections can be 450mm, 900mm, 1350mm or 1800mm wide and can be configured in any combinaton up to the width of the bench
  • Please be aware that short uprights are suitable for 2 x 240mm or 1 x 480mm high panel and a fixed shelf
  • Accessories are mostly available in 450mm, 900mm, 1350mm, or 1800mm widths and include:
    • Perfo panels for on-hand tool storage
    • Louvre panels for easy to access small parts storage
    • Fixed shelves for extra storage
    • Adjustable shelves for flexible storage
    • Bin rails for hanging small parts storage bins
    • UK power rails for mounting socket outlets
    • Sidelights
    • Socket outlet strips for providing electrical power
    • Connection cables for connecting socket outlet strips to mains power
    • Monitor arms and brackets to allow screen mounting
    • Swivel arm and tray for extra flexible storage

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