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Guide to Bott CNC Storage

The Bott CNC storage system is a flexible solution for storing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tools of various tool shank sizes. It is important to store this valuable and sensitive equipment in tool-specific inserts, which have been especially designed to hold tools of a specific size safely and securely.

CNC Storage Components Explained

The Bott storage system for CNC tools consists of various components which are designed specifically for their purpose. The system is well-suited for use on a workbench or in combination with Bott Verso or Cubio drawer cabinets or cupboards.

CNC Tool Inserts

CNC Tool InsertsCNC Tool Inserts are small components designed to hold one tool each. As core components of the storage system, they are required no matter whether you want to store the tools on a worktop, in a drawer, on a trolley or in a cupboard.

Tool holding inserts come in a wide range of sizes, to suit your specific tools perfectly. The following sizes are available within the Bott CNC range:

Bott CNC Comparison Table

Tool Carriers

Tool CarriersTool carriers can each hold five to ten tool holding inserts. They can be used freestanding or in conjunction with a trolley, cupboard or a cabinet. Tool carriers come with handles at each end, making it easy to safely move the units around the workplace.

To find out how many inserts your tool carrier can hold, check the number of sections your tool holding insert requires in the table above. Each tool carrier has a capacity of 20 sections in one row.

Tool carriers are available empty for your custom configuration or in preconfigured bundles with popular tool storage inserts.

Tool Carrier Bench Stand

Tool Carrier Bench StandThe tool carrier bench stand can hold 3 tool carriers, on separate tiers for better visibility and accessibility. It is ideal for permanently storing tools on a worktop.

CNC Trolleys

CNC TrolleysTwo trolley variants: compact and high capacity, are available specifically for CNC storage.

The compact unit can hold up to 6 tool carriers which fit directly into the trolley. The trolley has a total capacity of up to 300kg and is equipped with a lined top tray to hold additional tools.

The high capacity version is an adjustable position trolley. Each tool carrier requires a pair of carrier brackets to be used when it is mounted on the trolley. They can be mounted in multiple positions, for example horizontally or at an angle for easier visibility and accessibility. You can also buy an end shelf for the trolley, which provides extra storage for additional tools.

CNC Storage in Cubio or Verso Drawers

CNC Storage in Cubio or Verso DrawersIf you want to store high volumes of tools securely while keeping them easily accessible, a Bott Cubio or Verso drawer cabinet could be the ideal solution for you.

There are two options for storing CNC tools in drawers:

You can use drawer brackets in combination with tool carriers. The drawer brackets are fitted to the drawer and up to three carriers can locate onto the drawer brackets. The optimum size for the cabinet is 800mm(w) x 650mm(d) but larger cabinets can also be used.

Alternatively, you can equip the drawer with a drawer frame which can be used in combination with tool holding inserts. Drawer frames are available in 80mm and 125mm height to accommodate the tooling shank length. The number of rows and sections per row depends on the width and depth of the cabinet.

Bott Drawer Frames Comparison

Storage in CNC Cupboards

Storage in CNC CupboardsA complete range of CNC cupboards is available, ideal for high volume and secure storage of CNC tools. All CNC cupboards come with perfo or louvre door liner panels. There are three options for storing CNC tools within CNC cupboards:

You can use a drawer frame in combination with a 1050 or 800mm wide and 525mm deep Cubio drawer. Each drawer frame can hold up to 3 rows of tools with 26 or 36 sections per row for the 800mm and 1050mm wide models respectively.

If you would prefer to have a sliding shelf to store tools in, you can choose from siding shelves that accept tool carriers or sliding shelf frames that accept tool holding inserts.

Tool carrier sliding shelves can hold 3 tool carriers.

Sliding shelf frames can hold 3 rows of tools with 24 or 33 sections per row for 800mm and 1050mm wide models respectively.

Tool Blocks and Louvre Panels

Tool Blocks and Louvre PanelsTool blocks are relatively small units which can be used freestanding or in conjunction with louvre panels. They consist of 9 sections and can hold between 2 and 4 tools.

Tool blocks can be mounted on louvre panels on a wall, on a workbench, freestanding louvre panels or louvre panel trolleys.

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